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Distance and laps

The course is a series of 1 or 2 km loops along the fast road surface of the
landfill road. Runners in the 2 or 3km race will run 1km loops while the
runners in the 5km running race will run a 1km loop then 2 * 2 km loops.
All other runs use a series of 2km loops while the walkers use the 1km
course. This is a 
flat road course, so an ideal speed course.


2KM RUN = 2 x 1km laps

3KM RUN = 3 x 1km laps

4KM RUN =  2 x 2km laps

5KM RUN = 1 x 1km lap, then 2 x 2km laps

6KM RUN = 3 x 2km laps

8KM RUN = 4 x 2km laps

10KM RUN = 5 x 2km laps

5KM WALK = 5 x 1km laps

10k Walk = 10 x 1km laps 

Map  references

1. 1km turnaround (2km laps)

2. 500m turn around (1km laps) 

3. Club tents - near start & finish

4. Course turnaround 

5. Weighbridge &  Officials parking


Parking of Waitakiri Drive. There will be signposting for parking areas.


Please note: Dogs must be kept on a lead and under control away from the race event 



Location: Bottle Lake Forest Park

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