2020 selectors :

Send your nomination to: 
Daniel Reese, Bernadette Jago or Kevin Prendergast


Nominations for the Canterbury Team for the New Zealand Road Championships to be handed into the Information Desk as soon as possible after the last Canterbury Road Championship race.

Forms will be available for individuals to complete in advance of this race on the Athletics Canterbury website.

To be considered for Canterbury team selection, athletes will need to:

  • meet the selection criteria (criteria as below);

  • fill in the correct nomination form and submit this form to a selector by 10th October. Nomination form and travel subsidy information is available on the Athletics Canterbury website or from a selector.

  •  For more team information and Nomination form please click here

Selection criteria - age grade notes:

To compete in the 2020 NZ Road Championships:


  • Senior grade: An athlete to compete in this grade shall be aged 17 years or over on the 31st December in the age of competition.


  • Men U20 & Women U20 grade: An athlete to compete in this grade shall be aged 15, 16, 17, 18, or 19 years on the 31st of December in the year of competition 


  • Men U18 & Women U18 grade: An athlete to compete in this grade shall be aged 15, 16 or 17 years on the 31st of December in the year of competition.



Road Championships Team Selection Policy 2020:

1. Athletes must start in the 2020 Canterbury Road Championships, unless they have advised the selector of a valid reason for not participating.

2. Subject to the maximum numbers allowed in each team, athletes will be selected if available, who better the following times at the Canterbury Road Championships:

Selection time guide:

Senior Men                      34:00  for  10km
Men U20                           27:30  for  8km
Men U18                           21:00  for  6km
Masters Men (35 - 49)   36:30  for  10km
Masters Men (Over 50) 39:00  for  10km
Senior Women               39:00  for  10km
Women U20                    20:00  for  5km
Women U18                    20:30  for  5km
Masters Women            20:00  for  5km

3. The selectors reserve the right to deviate from these times if circumstances such as weather or road surfaces have adversely affected performances.


4. Other athletes may be included if, in the opinion of the selectors, they are likely to acquit themselves well at the New Zealand Road Championships. Performances in similar road races may be considered when making these selections.


5. The selector may include further team members to ensure that a complete team is available to compete in a grade


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