If possible, this event may be run late 2020

"It's always you versus the clock. The teams urge you to keep going hard, but it is your own run."

Team spirit

  • Nothing beats running with friends

Relays are a great way to step up to racing by being part of a team.  Woodend Relays is the first off-road relay of the Athletics Canterbury winter season.  Come and try cross country running.  Our team offers your team a friendly and warm welcome..

  • Bring your running mates along for a good forest run

This event has attracted runners from local athletics clubs for years.  We want to share the fun with other runners.  Make up a team from work, from your family (grandma and granddad can run too), from your friends.  We will provide a pagoda for you to hang out, keep your stuff safe, shelter from the weather, and meet other teams.  If you have your own shelter, let us know and we will make space for you too.  All the clubs bring their own tent - it adds to the carnival atmosphere. . 

  • A great winter location

This run covers a wide variety of terrain in a short circuit course.  It has undulating sandy dunes, winding woodland paths, and a flat grass finish.  As no-one can predict the weather there maybe the odd patch of mud.  As it is in the forest, it offers good shelter whatever the weather.   There is at least obstacle which you choose whether to go over or take the longer route around.  See more about the course  here



 "When you run a part of the relay, there is no sense of unfinished business in your mind. There is just the sense of having done your part to the best of your ability. That is it. The hope is to pass on to somebody who will run faster... "

"This relay is the first of the winter season and it is a great way for runners to compete hard and fast in varied terrain. It cannot be topped for the fun and being cheered on with the camaraderie of your fellow team members. There is nothing more social than egging each other on to do their best. With the team behind you may find you may manage to push beyond your individual running speed. It often gets the best out of your running."


"This relay always has a fabulous supportive atmosphere with your team, the clubs and extended families all coming together to support the runners. It is the perfect opportunity to prepare for upcoming runs and gives newcomers the chance to try out cross-country running."






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