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 Cross Country and Road committee 

Event hosts:


We have highlighted the podium age grade champions for the 2019 Cross Country Championship event:


1. Katherine Camp University

2. Navajo Prentice University

3. Emily Molloy University

Masters (over 35 years)

1. Maggie Chorley University

2. Jo Ramsay North Canterbury
3. Jin Flanagan Canterbury Tri



1. Eva Pringle Port Hills

2. Tamara Reeves Christchurch Avon
3. Sarah McClure  Port Hills



1. Morgan Flanagan Port Hills

2. Leila Dunlop Port Hills
3. Martina Connor Port Hills



1. Maddie Sharpe Port Hills

2. Paige Avery Christchurch Avon
3. Lily Keenan Christchurch Avon



1. Elspeth McGuinness Port Hills

2. Xanthe Jane North Canterbury
3. Kate Currie Christchurch Avon



1. Amelia Henstock University

2. Tessa de Wit Papanui Toc H
3. Abigail Scott-Douglas Sumner


1. Lily Sewell Selwyn

2. Isabel Prescott Selwyn
3. Tayla Cox New Brighton Olympic


1. Connor Melton University

2. Ieuan van der Peet Christchurch Avon

3. Matt Dryden Christchurch Avon

Masters  (over 35 years)

1. Chris Kelly Christchurch Avon
2. Ryan Kiesanowski New Brighton Olympic
3. David Fitch Sumner

Masters (50+ years)

1. John Marshall North Canterbury
2. Malcolm Cornelius University 
3. Peter Richards Christchurch Avon


1. Taonga Mbambo University

2. Daniel Roswell Christchurch Avon
3. Thomas Coleman Port Hills



1. Maximillian Yanzick Timaru

2. Chanel Muir Christchurch Avon
3. Ethan Smolej Port Hills



1. Theo Walker Christchurch Avon

2. Samuel Meecham Port Hllls
3. Luke Johnston New Brighton Olympic



1. Daniel Prescott Selwyn

2. Angus Sevier  Port Hills
3. Phonse Carroll Papanui Toc H


1. Michael Rankin Papanui Toc H
2. Zac Cowan North Canterbury
3. Silas Jones  Port Hills


1. Brent Cameron Christchurch Avon

2. Jack Straker Christchurch Avon
3. Hero Barrettelli Sumner


 Canterbury   Cross Country   Trophy

Derislywood Jubilee Challenge Cup

Open Men Individual

Connor Melton

Interclub Harrier Championship Cup 

Open Men’s Team (6 to count)


Frank Sharp Trophy

Masters Men Individual

David Fitch 

Ivan Hawkey Trophy

Masters Men’s Team (4 to count)
New Brighton Olympic

F D Kesteven Cup

Men U20 Individual

Taonga Mbambo


Eric L Cordery

Men U20 Team (4 to count)

No award

J R Clarke (1960) Trophy

Men U18 Individual 

Maximillian Yanzick 

H L Spark Cup

Boys U16 Individual

Theo Walker

I D Greig Trophy

Boys U14 Individual

Daniel Prescott

North Canterbury Cup 

Boys U12 Individual
Michael Rankin

Rawson Trophy

Open Women Individual

Katherine Camp

Veteran Women

Masters Women Individual
Maggie Chorley

Ivan Hawkey Trophy

Masters Women Team (4 to count)Sumner


Palermo Trophy

Women U18 Individual

Chloe Hughes

Canterbury Championship Trophy

Girls U16 Individual

Maddie Sharp 

R Forscutt Trophy

Girls U14 Individual

Elspeth McGuinness 


 Canterbury   Cross Country   Champions 


 Canterbury  Cross Country  Champions 

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