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Photo is of the Masters men 35-49  age grade champions for the 2020 Cross Country Championship event:

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1. Katherine Camp University

2. Hannah Oldroyd Don Greoig Racing Stables

3. Olivia Ritchie Don Grieg Racing Stables

Masters (35 - 49 years)

1. Nicola Handley Don Greig Racing Stables

2. Tina Cox New Brighton Olympic
3. Lisa Brignul Don Greig Racing Stables


Under 20

1. Rosa Twyford University

2. Georgia- Rose Dawson Papanui Toc H

3. Natalya Carter University


Under 18

1. Kiera Hall  Port Hills

2. Niamh  Motley Timaru
3. Rosaria Gibson University


Under 16

1. Elspeth McGuinness Port Hills

2. Brynne Gordon Port Hills
3. Ambe De Wit Papanui Toc H


Under 14

1. Tessa de Wit Papanui Toc h

2. Kobi Maslin University
3. Nicole Ridd Christchurch Avon


Under 12

1. Tayla Cox New Brighton Olympic

2. Isabel Prescott Selwyn
3. Lily Sewell Selwyn

Under 10

1. Bela Cameron Christchurch  Avon

2. Mila Macioce Christchurch  Avon
3. Cassidy Trichardt North Canterbury

Masters (50+ years)

1. Fiona Gilroy Port Hills

2. Mary-Clare Delahunty Canterbury Tri Club
3. Jane Pairman Christchurch Avon


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1. Chris Dryden University

2. Connor Melton University

3. Harry Ewing University

Masters  (35 - 49 years)

1. Blair McWhirter Sumner
2. Dave King University
3. Ryan Kiesanowski New Brighton Olympic

Masters (50 - 64 years)

1. Chris Mardon New Brighton Olympic
2. Richard Bennett Don Greig Racing Stables
3. Kevin Muir  Christchurch Avon

Under 20

1. Cameron Clark Christchurch Avon

2. Jamie Barnes Papanui Toc H
3. Max Yanzick University


Under 18

1. Charlie Hazzlett Port Hills

2. Theo Walker Christchurch Avon
3. Pai Wynyard Papanui Toc H


Under 16

1. Angus Sevier Port Hllls

2. Daniel Prescott Selwyn
3. Hamish Gillett Christchurch Avon


Under 14

1. Otto Church New Brighton Olympic

2. Ciaran Harris Selwyn
3. Mason McLachlan Christchurch Avon

Under 12

1. Ethan Richardson New Brighton Olympic
2. Brent Cameron Christchurch Avon
3. Tomo Hudson  Christchurch Avon

Under 10

1. Lennox John Christchurch Avon

2. Weston Ingram University
3. Joshua Smith Port Hills

Masters 65 - 79

1. Roger Ward Christchurch Avon

2. Mike Summerlee  Papanui Toc H
3. Ron McTaggart Papanui Toc H


Masters 80+

1. John Caughley Port Hills


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 Canterbury   Cross Country   Trophy

Derislywood Jubilee Challenge Cup

Open Men Individual

Chris Dryden

Interclub Harrier Championship Cup 

Open Men’s Team (6 to count)


Frank Sharp Trophy

Masters Men Individual

Blair McWhirter 

Ivan Hawkey Trophy

Masters Men’s Team (4 to count)

F D Kesteven Cup

Men U20 Individual

Cameron Clark


Eric L Cordery

Men U20 Team (4 to count)
Christchurch Avon

J R Clarke (1960) Trophy

Men U18 Individual 

Charlie Hazlett 

H L Spark Cup

Boys U16 Individual

Angus Sevier 

I D Greig Trophy

Boys U14 Individual

Otto Church

North Canterbury Cup 

Boys U12 Individual
Ethan Richardson

Rawson Trophy

Open Women Individual

Katherine Camp

Veteran Women

Masters Women Individual
Nicola Handley

Ivan Hawkey Trophy

Masters Women Team (4 to count)


Palermo Trophy

Women U18 Individual

Kiera Hall

Canterbury Championship Trophy

Girls U16 Individual

MElspeth McGuinesss

R Forscutt Trophy

Girls U14 Individual

Tessa de Wit


 Canterbury   Cross Country   Champions 

Canterbury  Cross Country  Champions